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Frugal Lifestyle: A Beautiful Experience Worth Having

What did you hear about living a frugal lifestyle? I've heard so many things like living a frugal lifestyle is being a cheapskate, and not living life to the fullest. Honestly, these are all frugal living misconceptions. Living a frugal lifestyle does not mean giving up everything you enjoy. Rather, it means prioritizing what you enjoy, your financial goals, and deciding which activities will have priority or be omitted. The logic behind frugal living is: you don't need this thing, why go for it?  The goal is to save while you spend on things that matter. I think my frugality came shortly after the realization that I could have nicer things if only I spent less on the things that didn’t matter.  What is frugal living? Frugal living is a lifestyle that is all about managing resources wisely. Resources here refer to your money, time etc. The idea behind frugal living is to spend wisely and avoid wastage of resources by staying away from unnecessary expenditure and prioritizing yo

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